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My name is Dennis Roberts. My wife Patty and I are the Volunteer Camp Directors for Three Pines Youth Camp. The Lord has laid it upon our hearts to share what he has been doing in our lives over the last five summers with His Camp.

In the early spring of 2010, Jerry Balswick came into our store and introduced himself to me. A friend had shared with him our passion and commitment to youth and that led to him and his wife Carolyn asking if we would be interested in putting together camps for youth. Doing this has always been a desire of my heart, we decided to join them for lunch up at their ranch. We had a great lunch and Jerry and Carolyn gave us the tour. We all got very excited and decided to take it slow and test a few age groups and see what God does with it. I took my youth group up that spring for a 2-day camp and we all decided to proceed ahead. We then scheduled four camps for that first summer. We had 49 youth attend the four camps and experienced 41 young people receiving Jesus for the first time in their life and 4 rededicating. We decided to expand on the camp the next summer. In 2011, we had 106 attend, we expanded the age a little and saw 42 make first time decisions for the Lord. Being very excited of what God wanted to do and being blessed to be a part of it, we all committed to taking it to the next level.

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In 2011, we proceeded to establish a non profit organization (Kettle Falls Youth Works) with it’s purpose to support the Three Pines Youth Camp. We reach out to youth any places that they may gather offering a camping experience that introduces them to the life changing love of Jesus Christ. That summer God opened the gates and we did 16 camps/retreats and saw 348 attend camp with 43 first time commitments and over 40 rededications.

Jerry and Carolyn Balswick have been an incredible blessing. This year (2016) they want to put permanency to the facility and are arranging a purchasing opportunity with Kettle Falls Youth Works to own and manage the 50-acre ranch as a camp and pastoral retreat facility for the generations to come. Their heart is to see it used for the Lord to evangelize, restore, refresh and disciple. It is my desire to see God’s people rise to the challenge and be a part of bringing to fruition a quality camp that is used to impact our counties for the Lord. To view pictures of the facilities click here Three Pines Youth Camp and pictures.

As Volunteer Camp Director it is my heart to facilitate a good camp/retreat experience. We have great beginnings in such a wonderful facility but we do see directions we need to expand upon. I’m going to list 5 areas that if supported will keep us moving forward and not be turning away anyone God sends us. I would like to ask for your prayers and conversations with others be directed toward asking Our Lord, “How can You use me to further this camp ministry and
impact our area for Jesus”.

1. Pray - This is by far the most important thing we can do as God’s people!

2. Volunteer - This is a totally run volunteer camp. Over the years I have found that in
volunteering, God blesses and changes the volunteer sometimes more than what the
volunteer has volunteered for. I believe if you want God to do something in your life,
step out and witness His utmost.

3. Share His special gift to you - Each Child of God (no matter of age) has been given a
special gift and I believe exercising that gift enables us to get better at that gift. A camp
has so many opportunities, pray about this one and as God directs your heart, give me a
call and together we’ll see what we can do.

4. Take on a project – There are always growth needs and it can be a blessing to both
parties when something is added and a group gets together to make it happen.

5. Make an Online Donation – You can click on the "Donate" button below to make a donation today. Thank you!

I have prayed asking the Lord to give me a vision that I can encourage others to get behind. I
feel that The Lord wants to reach everywhere to call out His Children. I’m excited to be used
by Him. Our area needs a quality camp not only for Children but adults also. To get away,
unplug and hear the whisper of God on their lives is life changing. I want to thank you for your
support and faithfulness to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May He Bless and Keep you.

In His Service,

Dennis Roberts, Three Pines Youth Camp

Questions? Please call Dennis at
(509)675-5234 or (509)738-6193
EIN #45-4105197 UBI #603-165-793

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Kettle Falls Youth Works
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